A comment about the steroids controversy

Are Barry Bonds and Major League baseball really bad guys? Are Congress the people we want to determine who does and does not compete in our Major League Ball Parks? Why are we so concerned and upset that baseball players may gain an unfair advantage by employing pharmacists while at the same time we don’t seem to bat a Botox-treated eye at people getting cosmetic surgery – or using other “performance enhancing substances” (I would hate to walk in on my grandfather’s newly discovered fountain of youth) now constantly advertised in ubiquitous media outlets – to improve their competitive advantage in landing or keeping a mate or a job? If the A’s, Rangers, and Yankees have to “test clean” before we will be taken out to the ballgame, why not insist on the same natural performances from other celebrity types (like rock stars) and people in other competitive industries?
In an era where free agency and television greatly increase the gains from finishing first, it is not at all surprising that competitors reach over the counter or into the medicine cabinet even if some risk and long-term consequence is involved. There are some of us who choose to work long hours, over exert ourselves, and take to unhealthy diets to better our careers and social agendas – and at the same time force our colleagues to match us hour for hour and pound for pound or get left in our overweight tracks. When the stakes get high enough, taking risks and cutting corners becomes more appealing and rational. Are professional sports leagues more interested in the health of their athletes than other business professions? Should they be?
I don’t know. But, as for me and my house, we’ll bring our gloves to the centerfield bleachers, and see you on e-bay!
Check this out: http://slate.com/id/2116858


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