American Solutions-Get Involved

I attended Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions workshop today and really enjoyed and appreciated the event. Newt’s goal is to bring together Americans in a non-partisan way to look for real solutions to the issues the country faces today and into the future. The format is workshop environments where a speaker and moderator talk about ideas and issues and provide a forum for others to comment and contribute. The goal is to promote individuals bringing forth ideas and having dialogues through the Internet and in local settings.

All of the workshop sessions are posted on the Internet for you to view; each is an hour. I was able to hear 3 of them today and really appreciated the what the group stands for. The best thing that I heard today came from an individual talking about the Fair Tax. He was addressing all of the people who nay-say his ideas and talk about how it does not cover the rampant and out of control spending in Congress. His reply was, “if Congress spends too much, it is your own darn fault for electing these people and allowing them to spend your money as they are.” I love the principle behind that. This is a free society that we are in and the burden is on us to change the things that we want changed; we can not wait on people who are elite and have other interests far removed from us to move first. That is the premise behind American Solutions: empowering individuals in small groups to have dialogues and debates and bring forth ideas to politicians and civic leaders so that they can know the will of the American people and have sound ideas to take action on.

Check out the link and get involved. If you have ideas, share them here with us, let us talk about them, and together let us post them on Newt’s site:


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