Fight the good fight Rush!

Oh to have as much free time as a United States senator or member of the house of representatives. First was their taking the time to pass a resolution condemning a newspaper ad by and actually discussing and debating the issue on the tax payer’s dime. Now, professors Harry Reid and Tom Harkin are spending a good deal of time trying to discredit Rush Limbaugh and some comments that he made on his show during actual floor time.
From Neil Boortz, “This whole mess starts with a clown by the name of Jesse Macbeth. Macbeth became very popular with the media earlier this year when he started telling stories about all of the hideous crimes he saw our soldiers commit while he was serving in Afghanistan and Iraq as an Army ranger.”
You can hear Rush’s words here along with his defense: He actually replays the original dialogue with a caller talking about former soldiers claiming the evils of war and the wicked actions of US troops despite the fact that these “soldiers” were never where they said they were, never saw what they said they saw, and were in fact “phony” soldiers; they never even served actively in the military.
If you would prefer to read the transcript, check it out here:
As the senators attack Limbaugh, you can read a Department of Justice memorandum addressing the phony soldier phenomenon and doling out fines and imprisonment for forgeries and deception by the criminals. Not that he needs any attention, but one of the main soldiers in question is Jesse MacBeth: Under a DOJ memo entitled Operation Stolen Valor, specifically 8 individuals are mentioned by name with the details of their crimes outlined. MacBeth, claiming to see heinous attacks on civilians and others , never even left the United States with the army and was discharged one month after he joined. What a phony!
This episode with phony soldiers is not a recent event! It has been addressed a number of times with articles written by Michelle Malkin on August 8th: There was an article in the Seattle Times addressing this MacBeth character and the phony soldiers written September 21st: The Associated Press released information about the incident on September 21st. Hot Air! exposed the situation and verdict as well: Because she is such a stud, you can find the actual forged forms by MacBeth posted May 26, 2006:
As you can see, despite attempts to attack and discredit Rush, the facts are what they are and one has to wantonly ignore these facts in order to believe these politicians. Just read the transcript in context to see what really took place.
To further add fire to the flame, a couple of GOP members in the house of representatives have put forth a resolution today “commending Rush Limbaugh and his support of our troops.” Unfortunately, it is sponsored by Jack Kingston of Georgia, the same guy that took our money and time to put forth a resolution congratulating the Florida Gators for winning the National Championship last year. Thanks for your hard work Jack!
As luck would have it, there are actually quotes and records of Hillary Clinton speaking of her support of Media Matters; the group that “watches” conservative news sources and talk radio hosts to hold them accountable for their comments and views. In fact, she not only supports their efforts, but boasts of helping to form this group among others: (the relevant material begins around 2:20). “Institutions that I helped to start and support…” she says. Way to put another nail in your coffin Mrs. Clinton. There is no way that a Mrs. Clinton front group would be going after the “vast right-wing conspiracy” would there be?


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