Hard bawl

I find myself more and more enjoying John Stewart’s show. Stewart is very funny but to me the best entertainment comes from his audience who cheer vociferously whenever he says anything negative about President Bush or conservatives. What is it about people who enjoy politics that makes them cheer at pure populism and think that they are being brilliant and expressive? I see the same things on both sides. How many times does Mitt Romney get to say, “we need change in Washington” to a host of cheers without saying anything else. Hello!!! Anyway, I like Stewart.
This video is hilarious as he totally mocks Chris Matthews and his new book. It gets painful to watch towards the end as Matthews is totally humiliated. I hate to take pleasure in another person’s pain but this is a must see.
The premise behind Matthew’s new book is that living your life as a politician on the campaign trail is the best way to get ahead and be successful. He even tries to argue that acting like Bill Clinton will help you to get ahead and live a fruitful and positive life. Hard bawl coming out of my face!
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