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Global Warming Idocity

Posted in Activism on November 30, 2007 by poyers

I happen to feel that environmentalism is important.  Our natural environment keeps us safe and happy, provides our materials to make our lives comfortable, and convenient amongst many other things.  I think that clean water and air quality are absolutely necessary and something that we should be active in maintaining and keeping clean; we should all be involved in preserving resources, seeking to assist others in keeping their environment safe, and sharing technologies so that all people in all places can safe water and air.

However, I think that “global warming” is a terrible distortion and an abysmal way to try and guilt people into activism and action. 

This link will take you to an amazing site that might make you sick.  Dr. John Brignell is a British engineering professor and runs a web-site working to “combat math hysteria.”  That is, the skewing of statistics and other math to manipulate arguments.  According to American Thinker, “he has compiled what has to be the most complete collection of links to media stories ascribing the cause of everything under the sun to global warming.”  His website,, has the mission of exposing all of the “”scares, scams, junk, panics and flummery cooked up by the media, politicians, bureaucrats and so-called scientists and others that try to confuse the public with wrong numbers.”  He has over 600 links to articles that attribute some issue to global warming.  It is disgusting what you will find.  600 articles that attribute some sort of problem to global warming.  These are so despicable and troubling that I cannot even list them here.  Click on this link to see the list that includes a direct link to the articles referenced.


Why are oil prices so high

Posted in Activism on November 29, 2007 by poyers

It seems that there are 6 real indicators as to why the price of oil, as measured in the price per barrel, is so high.  Those indicators are: The weakness of the US Dollar, Fund Investments, Demand, OPEC, Refining Limitations, and Geo-Political turmoil.

According to Pilot Travel Centers, LLC ( “Commodities that trade in USD are viewed by investors – both domestic and international – as cheap.”  The rise in oil is in line with increases in most other commodities like wheat, cattle feed, lead, coffee, etc.  “The trading liquidity provided by crude oil has encouraged oil buying as a hedge against the anemic USD.  Since oil world wide primarily trades in USD, the weakness has impacted the purchasing power of OPEC and has receded in line with the USD.”  They say that a good indicator of the trend in commodities is to track the performance of the US Dollar to that of the Euro; oil moves in the opposite direction.

Secondly, “investment funds – both hedge and pension – have been flooding into commodity markets as they attempt to secure the greatest returns for their investors.  The recent injection of billions of dollars by central banks around the world to provide liquidity in the face of massive write-downs in the credit arena has brought money into energy and commodities.”  Commodities are a very attractive hedge against unstable asset-based funds and oil prices change accordingly.

With low inflation and a strong US economy, demand remains high locally.  Investment into more energy efficient means of transportation and higher performing vehicles in regards to fuel economy typically take between 8-10 years to influence prices.  Throw in the mix the huge growth that India and China have shown in terms of demand and prices are being affected as to be expected.  The supply of oil is affected world-wide and small changes in local demand, no matter where the locale might be, have limited impact on prices due to the nature of oil as a commodity. 

As is to be expected, OPEC continues to dominate the supply of oil to market.  “With world inventories at record high levels in late 2006 (aided by a price structure that encouraged buying and holding), OPEC commenced to reduce oil output to stem the steep fall in prices” in the second half of 2006.  Now that prices are rising and the typical winter demand for oil increases, OPEC has expanded production of an extra one-half million barrels per month.  However, there apparently are no supply shortages as no country or enterprise is being turned away from purchasing oil.  As a result, the expansion in production will not have an effect on the price per barrel of oil.

Refining capacity in the US and abroad have been limited this year as well.  “Extended maintenance programs and unplanned downtime have kept refining capacity below historical levels.  Fall maintenance programs are now ending, so some return to higher capacity is expected.  With short-term fuel demand questionable and growing worldwide capacity, refining should be able to handle supply as we go forward.”

However, one of the most problematic issues behind high oil prices remain geo-political issues.  Middle-East issues continue to add cost to the price per barrel with some estimates around $15-$25 per barrel caused by uncertainties alone.  Iran is the world’s fourth largest exporter of oil, Nigeria is the world’s eighth largest supplier, Iraq used to provide over 3million barrels per day, Turkey’s problematic northern pipeline produces now only 2million barrels per day, and Syria, Pakistan, Israel, and Lebanon are additional suppliers; all of which are under obvious tensions.  In addition, Russia and Venezuela continue their nationalization of oil companies and other shenanigans further adding to the risk in the price per oil.  Thus, oil is a great hedge against these uncertain worldly conditions and is being exploited accordingly. 

That being said, Americans are resilient to these types of price effects regardless of what weaselly politicians may say.  Thanksgiving travel was at an all time high and all reports seem to indicate that Christmas will be the same.  In addition, coal production is going great guns so that the costs to heat our homes this winter will be reasonable and manageable as well.  Just keep those darn loony environmentalists away from the coal industry and power industry and life will go on just fine.  Remember, the internal combustion engine is one of the greatest inventions ever made and there is a reason that it powers almost all of our transportation today.  Efficiency is the name of the game and nothing is more efficient than American and her people.

A scathing article on Mitt Romnet

Posted in Activism on November 9, 2007 by poyers

This is an article written by Gregg Jackson who is a conservative talk show host out of Boston and has had a lot of experience working with Mitt Romney over his governorship out there.  Not a pretty picture he paints of Mitt’s record and Mr. Jackson shows his record on important conservative social and economic issues in line more with Ted Kennedy and Mrs. Hillary.  A tough one to read but one that is sure to produce good dialogue:

God Bless our Troops

Posted in Activism on November 9, 2007 by poyers

An awesome bout of good news from Iraq.  It seems that Al-Qaeda has been eliminated from Baghdad as reported by the NY Times:

American forces have routed Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, the Iraqi militant network, from every neighborhood of Baghdad, a top American general said today, allowing American troops involved in the “surge” to depart as planned.

The job is not finished and all admit that there is a lot left to do, but this is amazing news and you all should get on your knees and pray and be thankful for those amazing people overseas in our military.  Make sure that you take some time to celebrate Veterans Day and especially teach your children about the day’s true meaning!

By the way, if you intend to send a care package to someone overseas in the military, the USPS has said that those packages need to be shipped out by November 13th.  That is less than a week away.  So get cracking!

The NY Times articles is here:

Global Warming a Hoax?!?!?!

Posted in Activism on November 9, 2007 by poyers

John Coleman is the founder of the Weather Channel.  His background is kind of sketchy from what I can find other than his being a TV meteorologist for some time.  There is not much information on him.  However, he recently has created a lot of stir with his comments that global warming is “the greatest scam in history.”  Those are big words from a guy whose profession is guessing what the weather is going to be tomorrow and causing me to take my goulashes and umbrella to work on a day that sees no rain (if you have seen the movie The Weatherman you will laugh; because it’s true).  Coleman says of global warming:

It is the greatest scam in history. I am amazed, appalled and highly offended by it. Global Warming; It is a SCAM. Some dastardly scientists with environmental and political motives manipulated long term scientific data to create in [sic] allusion of rapid global warming.

I myself tend not to jump on board the global warming kool-aid wagon that offers us commoners to drink a mystical beverage that will take us non-elites to a special place and save the planet behind the leadership of a professional politician who is now worth over $100M thanks to his exploitation of people using his former office to gain credibility and notoriety (whew! long sentence).  However, I do think that this guy’s qualifications are a bit lax if he wants to make such claims.  Kind of like Robert Redford sharing his wisdom about Mormonism.  I will succumb to the temptation however out of fun and admit that I like what he says, even though his details may be a bit scanty.  Give his article a read below:

Robert Redford knows all about Mormons and Mitt Romney

Posted in Activism on November 9, 2007 by poyers

I know that listening to actors and their ilk leads to people actually decreasing their intelligence, but at least with a brilliant person like Robert Redford, you get some knowledge about religion.  He was asked in a Washington Post article about his new “I hate the American military” movie and how great of an activist he is and he said this about Mitt Romney and Mormons (the question asked was whether he supported Mitt Romney since they are both from Utah):

Mr. Redford may be staying out of the presidential race, but he makes some highly provocative comments about Republican Mitt Romney, based on his many years among the Mormons of Utah.


“They are very adept at not being fazed and speaking fluently and gracefully. Why? Because every single male who’s a Mormon goes on a mission for two years when they’re 19 or 20,” he says. “They learn how to deflect blows and stay on message. No wonder Utah is the place that all these Republican senators go. It’s perfect. So when you see Mitt Romney, he’s already been practicing how to deflect blows and stay on message. But it’s plastic.”

There you have it!  Robert Redford, having benefited from the great state of Utah in so many ways, and from Mitt Romney specifically as a result of his efforts in the Olympics, which actually helped grow revenues to Sundance and has since, calling Mitt Romney a jerk!  The undertones of his thinking that Mormons are plastic denotes a hatred for religion and a total lack of understanding about what missionaries do and stand for.  As he and the rest of Hollywood are constantly seeking for people to tell them how great they are and pat each other on the back with accolades and “atta-boys,” it is truly sad that they cannot understand why Mormon missionaries, or any missionaries for that matter, could care less what Robert Redford or other liberals have to say about them.  The fact is that missionaries (and conservatives) do not care what you think about them, they care about the truth and like to use facts and experiences to support their claims.  Missionaries put their beliefs on the line everyday with very little to support them in the field and they actually grow their spiritual development as a result.  They do not need to run home to an awards show, or host an event, or throw their money at causes with their name in lights, or be in a movie to feel loved, appreciated and gather a sense of worth like actors.  His comments are stupid and ignorant; but what else would you expect from an actor.

If you eat, you will die

Posted in Activism on November 5, 2007 by poyers

Here’s a story from Alan Caruba writing at the website, and the headline is, “Eating Food Will Kill You.” It is now a proven fact that eating food — any kind of food — will kill you. No one who has eaten food in the past is alive today and everyone currently eating food will die. Therefore, those noble people who seek to save us from eating every kind of food that the earth provides should be hailed and saluted for their efforts to keep us alive. Bunk!  Live long and prosper!