Robert Redford knows all about Mormons and Mitt Romney

I know that listening to actors and their ilk leads to people actually decreasing their intelligence, but at least with a brilliant person like Robert Redford, you get some knowledge about religion.  He was asked in a Washington Post article about his new “I hate the American military” movie and how great of an activist he is and he said this about Mitt Romney and Mormons (the question asked was whether he supported Mitt Romney since they are both from Utah):

Mr. Redford may be staying out of the presidential race, but he makes some highly provocative comments about Republican Mitt Romney, based on his many years among the Mormons of Utah.


“They are very adept at not being fazed and speaking fluently and gracefully. Why? Because every single male who’s a Mormon goes on a mission for two years when they’re 19 or 20,” he says. “They learn how to deflect blows and stay on message. No wonder Utah is the place that all these Republican senators go. It’s perfect. So when you see Mitt Romney, he’s already been practicing how to deflect blows and stay on message. But it’s plastic.”

There you have it!  Robert Redford, having benefited from the great state of Utah in so many ways, and from Mitt Romney specifically as a result of his efforts in the Olympics, which actually helped grow revenues to Sundance and has since, calling Mitt Romney a jerk!  The undertones of his thinking that Mormons are plastic denotes a hatred for religion and a total lack of understanding about what missionaries do and stand for.  As he and the rest of Hollywood are constantly seeking for people to tell them how great they are and pat each other on the back with accolades and “atta-boys,” it is truly sad that they cannot understand why Mormon missionaries, or any missionaries for that matter, could care less what Robert Redford or other liberals have to say about them.  The fact is that missionaries (and conservatives) do not care what you think about them, they care about the truth and like to use facts and experiences to support their claims.  Missionaries put their beliefs on the line everyday with very little to support them in the field and they actually grow their spiritual development as a result.  They do not need to run home to an awards show, or host an event, or throw their money at causes with their name in lights, or be in a movie to feel loved, appreciated and gather a sense of worth like actors.  His comments are stupid and ignorant; but what else would you expect from an actor.


5 Responses to “Robert Redford knows all about Mormons and Mitt Romney”

  1. I agree. It’s not surprising but you’d think he’d have a little more class. I guess he doesn’t need any box office sales in Utah.

    It sounds like his new movie, is more of the same: a soapbox for him to preach on.

  2. Like its a bad thing to have a president that is an accomplished public speaker.

    One of the attributes the left dislikes so much about President Bush is how poor a comminicator he is. Saying that Mitt is smooth and stays on message, is not much of an insult.

    And what does the statement “It’s plastic” mean anyway?

    Mitt’s obvious brilliance when answering questions is not something to be ridiculed, but rather a skill all professional politicians should aquire. This is the chief executive of the free world after all.

  3. Redford knows ALL about Mormons? What the f’ is that? It’s like saying that my 2 yr. old son knows all about the universe! Stop the stupidity!

  4. Missionaries and conservatives don’t care about what celebrities like Redford think? You must not be either of those then, huh?

  5. Who wrote this article? I was raised in the LDS church and am a fan and friend of Robert! How dare you put down a person of his character and integridy! I believe the LDS church teaches good principles but one thing that will never change is the fact that you all think your so much better than others and if other people are not members there evil! News flash – there are plenty of good Christians that are not Mormon. Your conservative ways are pothetic! Conservatism shows signs of fear and non adaptation to change, it’s one way with you people! Think outside the box for once! You talk about Robert and put down his achievements only because you have none well the man that matters is the doer, not the mere critic who talks from the sidelines while the brave achieve greatness in statue and character! A story comes to mind from the LDS church about the iron rod and the people that were mocking and criticizing the saints for holding to the iron rod. Well the majority of you people are the criticizers pointing fingers yet you claim everyone else is! That’s hypocracy in it’s purest form! It’s you that need to not only hold to the iron rod but you need to walk the line! You should be ashamed talking about Bob that way! Think about it!!

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