Mormons in Politics

But Father Neuhaus, I think that your religion is false and a bunch of hooey!!!! 

Father Neuhaus argues that having a Mormon as a president would be bad because Mr. Romney’s standing and status might improve the missionary efforts of his church and this would be spreading a false religion.  Therefore, voters of “faith” should take that cause and effect into consideration when voting: i.e. having a Mormon in office might improve the Church’s missionary efforts.

Why is it that Catholics and Protestants, who use a blanket cloak called “Christianity” to define them despite their myriad of differences and fallicies, are allowed to criticize the “truth” of Mormonism and it is an acceptable argument.

I think that Catholicism is blatantly false, and as a result, there is no way that a Protestant religion, one that began as a “protest” against the Catholic church, could possibly be true.

Heaven forbid one of these Christian antogonists ever debate a Mormon on the merits and validity of their claims.  Pick a random Mormon from the pews, most likely they are returned missionaries and have far more command and knowledge about religion, philosophy, and doctrine, than even clergymen from other religions, and they can explain the Mormon faith clearly, with reference, and honesty.

 Religion as any sort of a test for holding office is silly because if it is the case, than no evangelical, protestant, or Catholic should be qualified do to the falseness of their religion.

Michael Novak writes a thoughtful article about Mormonism and the presidential hopes of Mr. Romney.


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