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Huckabee’s record on taxes

Posted in Activism on January 7, 2008 by poyers

Michael Medved has been speaking at great length of late about the misinformation being shared about Huckabee’s stand on taxes and his conservative credentials.  You can see Michael’s website ( for some of his commentary.  According to Medved, Huckabee has just some strongly conservative history, especially regarding taxes; especially as compared to Clinton.  However, a sample from the “Club for Growth” has some damning information (you should check out the Club for Growth website often []as it has a great analysis of each candidate’s credentials on taxes and the economy).

Regarding Huckabee:

It is true that Governor Huckabee fought for an $80 million tax cut package in 1997 that was passed by the Arkansas legislature (Cato Policy Analysis No. 315, 09/03/98); cut the state capital gains tax in 1999 (The Commercial Appeal 02/29/99); and passed the Property Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights in the same year, limiting the increase in property taxes to 10% a year for individuals and 5% per taxing unit (AP 03/16/99). However, his record over the rest of his ten-year tenure tells a starkly different story.

* Immediately upon taking office, Governor Huckabee signed a sales tax hike in 1996 to fund the Games and Fishing Commission and the Department of Parks and Tourism (Cato Policy Analysis No. 315, 09/03/98).
* He supported an internet sales tax in 2001 (Americans for Tax Reform 01/07/07).
* He publicly opposed the repeal of a sales tax on groceries and medicine in 2002 (Arkansas News Bureau 08/30/02).
* He signed bills raising taxes on gasoline (1999), cigarettes (2003) (Americans for Tax Reform 01/07/07), and a $5.25 per day bed-tax on private nursing home patients in 2001 (Arkansas New Bureau 03/01/01).
* He proposed another sales take hike in 2002 to fund education improvements (Arkansas News Bureau 12/05/02).
* He opposed a congressional measure to ban internet taxes in 2003 (Arkansas News Bureau 11/21/03).
* In 2004, he allowed a 17% sales tax increase to become law (The Gurdon Times 03/02/04).

By the end of his ten-year tenure, Governor Huckabee was responsible for a 37% higher sales tax in Arkansas, 16% higher motor fuel taxes, and 103% higher cigarette taxes according to Americans for Tax Reform (01/07/07), garnering a lifetime grade of D from the free-market Cato Institute. While he is on record supporting making the Bush tax cuts permanent, he joined Democrats in criticizing the Republican Party for tilting its tax policies “toward the people at the top end of the economic scale” (Washington Examiner 09/13/06), even though objective evidence demonstrates that the Bush tax cuts have actually shifted the tax burden to higher income taxpayers.

Finally, Governor Huckabee opposed further tax cuts at a 2005 gathering of Iowa conservatives (AP 09/17/05). On January 28, 2007, Governor Huckabee refused to pledge not to raise taxes if elected President, first on Meet the Press and then at the National Review Conservative Summit. The evidence suggests that his commitment to protecting taxpayers evidenced in his early gubernatorial years may be a thing of the past.

Ouch!  You can read the entire article here:


A new movie

Posted in General on January 4, 2008 by poyers

There is a new documentary out there called “A Mormon President” (  It is written and shot by an RLDS person who seems honest enough in his attempts at creating this film.  According to a press release about the film, the director/producer Adam Christing took on this project because, “Romney’s candidacy has heightened interest in issues related to Mormons and politics and created what Christing calls a “focus moment.” “Focus moments are when events and ideas connect to create interest in a particular topic that may have been previously neglected,” commented Christing. “We experienced similar moments about Catholicism and Judaism when Kennedy and Lieberman ran for office. Because of Romney we are now in a focus moment about Mormonism. People are becoming very interested in the history of the Mormon church and its connection to the political culture of our nation.””

Interesting enough!

Huckabee is bad news!

Posted in Activism on January 3, 2008 by poyers

A thoughtful commentary here about the dangers of Evangelicalism from the American Thinker addressing the problem with having Mr. Huckabee in the White House; “He would impose statism in the name of religion through government.”  Further, “Perverting Christianity’s message and violating 2000 years of tradition, [Huckabee] believes it is his mandate to do good works through government.  With of course, your money (emphasis added).”  The article continues to list horrible Huckabee policy regarding illegal immigration, a lenient attitude towards felons, his attitude against home-schooling, terrorism (yikes), a national smoking ban, and perhaps the worst is  his attitude that those who are against his statism are bad Christians.  Not to mention his receiving money from an embryonic stem cell outfit, his consistent tax hikes in Arkansas, his support from the uber-liberal NEA, the New Hampshire teacher’s union support (first ever for a Republican), his pathetic attempt at foreign affiars, and his receiving money from preaching at Baptism events after his commitment to running for President.  All in all, the Huckster is a politician and a slick one.  Wasn’t there another one of his ilk from Hope, AR that had a nickname that started with Slick…

The Huckster’s policies are scary because he equates his decisions with God’s will.  A Mormon would never be so sloppy and neither the LDS religion nor its culture would ever allow someone to claim the “guidance” that Huck so calmly drones about.  Not only that, but remembering the history of LDS pioneers and the persecution that they received makes us much more prone to individualism and the pursuit of freedoms irrespective of religion or any affiliation.  It is a presiding tenet of Mormon theology that it is up to the individual to rely on God and the Savior for salvation which is the object and purpose of our existence on this planet; from there he is to rely on family and then the Church.  Nowhere is it taught or written that government has any role to play in the rights or the purpose of man.  Rather, the only recognition that the Mormon faith gives to government is to uphold the laws of the land and respect and obey those laws.

Huckabee is scary because in his quest for office, he will lie, cheat and steal to achieve what he would argue is the “greatest good”; a sort of divine “miracle”.  He is a wolf in sheeps clothing; a liberal on the Republican ticket.

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