Huckabee is bad news!

A thoughtful commentary here about the dangers of Evangelicalism from the American Thinker addressing the problem with having Mr. Huckabee in the White House; “He would impose statism in the name of religion through government.”  Further, “Perverting Christianity’s message and violating 2000 years of tradition, [Huckabee] believes it is his mandate to do good works through government.  With of course, your money (emphasis added).”  The article continues to list horrible Huckabee policy regarding illegal immigration, a lenient attitude towards felons, his attitude against home-schooling, terrorism (yikes), a national smoking ban, and perhaps the worst is  his attitude that those who are against his statism are bad Christians.  Not to mention his receiving money from an embryonic stem cell outfit, his consistent tax hikes in Arkansas, his support from the uber-liberal NEA, the New Hampshire teacher’s union support (first ever for a Republican), his pathetic attempt at foreign affiars, and his receiving money from preaching at Baptism events after his commitment to running for President.  All in all, the Huckster is a politician and a slick one.  Wasn’t there another one of his ilk from Hope, AR that had a nickname that started with Slick…

The Huckster’s policies are scary because he equates his decisions with God’s will.  A Mormon would never be so sloppy and neither the LDS religion nor its culture would ever allow someone to claim the “guidance” that Huck so calmly drones about.  Not only that, but remembering the history of LDS pioneers and the persecution that they received makes us much more prone to individualism and the pursuit of freedoms irrespective of religion or any affiliation.  It is a presiding tenet of Mormon theology that it is up to the individual to rely on God and the Savior for salvation which is the object and purpose of our existence on this planet; from there he is to rely on family and then the Church.  Nowhere is it taught or written that government has any role to play in the rights or the purpose of man.  Rather, the only recognition that the Mormon faith gives to government is to uphold the laws of the land and respect and obey those laws.

Huckabee is scary because in his quest for office, he will lie, cheat and steal to achieve what he would argue is the “greatest good”; a sort of divine “miracle”.  He is a wolf in sheeps clothing; a liberal on the Republican ticket.

A good read regarding evangelicalism and Mormonism can be found here:

 Check out Slick Hucky’s performance on Meet the Press here.

A great article looking at some “coincidences” with Huckabee paving the way for a Hillary smashing of him in the 2008 election.


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