A new movie

There is a new documentary out there called “A Mormon President” (www.amormonpresident.com).  It is written and shot by an RLDS person who seems honest enough in his attempts at creating this film.  According to a press release about the film, the director/producer Adam Christing took on this project because, “Romney’s candidacy has heightened interest in issues related to Mormons and politics and created what Christing calls a “focus moment.” “Focus moments are when events and ideas connect to create interest in a particular topic that may have been previously neglected,” commented Christing. “We experienced similar moments about Catholicism and Judaism when Kennedy and Lieberman ran for office. Because of Romney we are now in a focus moment about Mormonism. People are becoming very interested in the history of the Mormon church and its connection to the political culture of our nation.””  http://www.amormonpresident.com/pr_1.html

Interesting enough!


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