Romney the Conservative of Choice

Some striking data compiled from exit polls after the Florida primary:

Romney won pro-lifers. Romney won the mainstream religious. Huckabee won the very religious, which is less than one-fifth of the pool. Romney won the Protestants. Romney tied Huckabee with evangelicals. Romney won the pro-George W. Bush voters. Romney is the primary second choice of Giuliani voters and Thompson voters and McCain voters. Romney won the immigration hardliners. Romney won the upper middle class earning between $100,000 and $200,000 annually. Romney won the terrorism-oriented voters. Romney won the self-identified conservatives and the self-identified very conservatives. Romney won the values-oriented voters. Romney won the white voters. Romney won the tax-cutting voters. McCain wins the elderly, the hispanic, moderates, independents, and the establishment. Romney is winning the Republican base and they are behind him despite his horrendous campaigning and his reliance on loser consultants. In addition, the talk radio and blogger base is also stridently behind Romney. For some reason, the true red-bloods are behind him.


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