Thoughts on Obama

I thought that I would put forth some thoughts on the current Obama situation; i.e. his recent speach about race.

I was not upset about Obama’s association with Reverand Wright because of his racist remarks.  The kind of rhetoric that that man spewed is dumb and foolish and I do not believe for a moment that Obama hates white people or is a rasist in any form.  Our generation of people do not have a race problem in my opinion.  Racism comes from our parents and their parents as they continually tell us on TV, the radio, and everyplace else that racism is a real problem.  Go to a university today and you will see all groups of people mingling and being friends.  Our generation does not really care what race you are!  We care if you are good, honest, sincere, and motivated; these traits are hardly unique to any race in particular.  Thus, hearing Reverand Wright, I just hear another old man that is irrelevant.  He is sad, pathetic, and useless to our world.  As is Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, David Duke, John Hagee and any other old and out of touch hater.  They are stupid and I do not think that they represent the next generation.  I do not think that Obama is part of the old way of thought either; how could he be!

But one thing that the Wright files did expose was that Obama is just another left-wing politician.  He only addressed this issue out of political expediency and did so in such a low brow way; the same as could be spoken by any other left-wing Democrat.  His odd assertion that the old, out of touch, and cranky people like Wright can be appeased by throwing more money into the government and creating more bureacracy and dependancy does not even make sense.

What offended me the most was picturing Obama sitting in the pews and nodding his head as Wright spoke angrily about America.  Not the racial remarks, but the policy and social aspects of this great country.  I picture Obama as president getting his wish to sit before the leaders of Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia, any of the horrible places in Africa, or elsewhere in the Middle East, listening to these people speaking of America as the Great Satan and an evil empire that tortures people and nodding his head to them.  Agreeing with these enemies of humanity and goodness.  Losing all of the moral authority that so many have died for in this great country.  I see him thinking to himself that “these people have a point.”  And thus I see him negotiating from a position of weakness.  I see him leaving these meetings and adopting the same policies as these dictators; more government power because only Obama as leader can know what is good for us and only if nobody stands in his way.  His stance is that the government needs more power, influence, and less opposition.  The same policies as our enemies and the people that he wants to “negotiate” with. 

Listening to Wright’s rants and Obama’s acceptance of the social and political lies that Wright espoused was frightening.  Listening to his speech and his attacks on talk radio and conservatism made me embarrassed for him.  Where is his evidence that left-wing, big government solutions are what is best for this country?  Where?  He has nothing!  He sounds the same as Hillary Clinton and the rest of these loser politicians except that he is black and in today’s political climate, that makes him immune to criticism.

Obama is dangerous to America.  If you get the e-mails from his campaign and read his policies they are indeed frightening.  No plan to defend our country.  No plan to lead our country.  No plan to cut waste, beauracracy, or spending.  His only plan is to find victims and give them things.  His defense and support of Jeremiah Wright only show that he thinks that this country is bad; just like Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Putin, and the rest.

As a person attempting to run for president of this country, could you not at least pretend that you love and admire this country and its principles.  Could you not at least fake it and appease us with an occassional modicum of support or praise in a consistent manner rather than to save your political hide?

Obama is just like everyone else.  He is just a politician that is power hungry, greedy, and out of touch.


One Response to “Thoughts on Obama”

  1. Poyer–

    I have to say that I agree with you… but not completely.

    The major thing I take issue with is the sentiment that Obama would be a weak negotiator. Just because he is willing to talk to our adversaries does not mean he will have any less influence in negotiation.

    One thing that I believe in (in politics and human interactions) is that an open dialogue is healthy and beneficial for all parties–even if you think the other is insane. We have employed the foreign policy of agree with us or we are going to embargo you. I think our foreign policy needs to be more globalized and less protectionist. To me, the weak position is not being willing to negotiate–or even talk.

    With the nations of the world becoming increasingly interdependent., I really think an “open-door” foreign policy would do us some good.

    I have said this many times: I am still an infant politically. These are my thoughts and I definitely could be wrong.

    Having said that, I think I am right, at least on the foreign policy issue.

    I agree that Obama–along with all other politicians–is power hungry and greedy; otherwise they wouldn’t be in politics. I really do not believe there is such a thing as an altruist politician. Maybe Ghandi. But he wasn’t really a politician anyway. But I fundamentally disagree with the notion that he hates America. Just because his pastor spews out anti-American things doesn’t mean he feels the same way. It is kind of like your bishop saying that drinking coke is against the word of wisdom… you disagree with him, because it is unfounded, but you still sustain him as your spiritual leader.

    I realize that coke and anti-american sentiments don’t really compare, but I hope you understand my point.

    I love your thoughts, and your blog helps me think of things in a different light.

    It is true, I am distancing myself from Obama. But in doing so, I have not come any closer to McCain.

    I will put my ideas about an independent candidate on your next post.

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