Money Trouble Part 2.

Absolutely hilarious.

As a solution to the budget problems in Tucson, and as a jab to our beloved Democrat leaders in the Arizona legislature, Republican rep Judy Burgess has proposed a new law, HB 2339, that would authorize the “I didn’t pay enough” fund.  That is right, if you feel that you did not pay enough and would like to voluntarily pay more to your state the fund will be put into place!

Something similar was established in Virginia about 5 or so years ago and since then, they have raised about $15,000.  That is it!  All of these rich people (like Warren Buffet) that claim that they are not taxed enough should be running over each other to give to this fund.  But where are they?  How come people, especially those that love a big government, do not give and donate as charity to the government?

There is an old saying that goes something like “put your money where your mouth is”.  Apparently, Mr. Buffet et al have their mouth in tax free, far removed from the government trough!

The solution to our budget problems: private donations!  hehehe

That is too rich.  And what is even funnier is that cranky Democrats are complaining about this bill.


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