Money Trouble

I have heard very many times over the course of the last 5 years that as a result of the war in Iraq, we are spending way too much money and that we need to think about “what we could do with those funds if we were not fighting a war in Iraq.”

Consider that we are spending a relatively low amount on defense as a percentage of GDP.  But that is not what I want to address.

 Do you look at your state budget and the health of your state?  I live in Arizona and grew up in Michigan. 

Well well well.  Michigan had to shut down the government late last year as a result of awful decisions, over the top spending, abundant government programs, and a huge public bureaucracy.  Michigan also has one of the largest tax structure in the country and a huge corporate tax rate.  How much of their funds is going to the war in Iraq????  Nope, they are wasting their own money.

Now, in Arizona, we are set to run out of funds on April 1st.  Congratulations to us.  One of the fastest growing states in the country with one of the fastest growing cities (Phoenix).  What have we done about this?  The governor typically has a meeting with the press every Wednesday and guess what she spoke about this week?  Well, she did not speak at all as she cancelled her press conference for the second week in a row stating that she was “too busy” working on the budget.  Fine with me, afterall, I have no rights to know about what is happening with my government and the money that I give to them. 

But get this, knowing that they were going to face problems, the legislature here still managed to pass 1400 different laws.  1400.  That is almost 4 new laws each day every single day of the year.  Included in their work: a law mandating that all gas stations must provide free water and air, a gay marriage ammendment, and on and on and on.  Governor Napolitano can find time to talk about how great Obama is and how bad George Bush is, but she cannot seem to find time serving the people of Arizona, balance the budget, or meet with the people.

The treasurer just had a press conference to say that he is not going to be able to write any more checks because the state does not have any more money. 

The problem is not the war in Iraq.  The problem is big government politicians who grow and grow the government, push off budgeting and saving until they are out of office, and leave the people with the bill and the pain. 

Do some research on your state and take a look at the economic health therewith. 

Let us try to hold our local leaders accountable and bring back a strong local government and take power away from the federal government and big shot politicians.


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