Top websites

Below are the 12 most popular blogs as measured by the number of lnks to those blogs during the past sixth months (as of October 26th, 2007):

  1. Engadget – review of new gear and electronics
  2. Gizmodo – top blog of Gawker Media and a guide to gadgets
  3. Boing Boing – reviews of cool stuff
  4. TechCrunch – review of new internet products and companies
  5. The Huffington Post – political site
  6. Lifehacker – tech trips, tips, and downloads
  7. Ars Technica – tech business news
  8. Mashable! – blog all about social networking
  9. Blog di Beppe Grillo – current events commentary from an Italian
  10. – odd cat photos
  11. Daily Kos – liberal political blog
  12. – celebrity news

2 Responses to “Top websites”

  1. Chris Stout Says:

    This is offensive and childish.

    Oh, wait…that was my previous rant. Sorry.

    Naturally, the techies have a huge pull. Engadget and Gizmodo are basically clones of each other (one was literally started as a copy by a former editor of the other). I think it’s interesting that politics does place a couple of times (Boing Boing even sort of counts, as it often deals with sociopolitical issues like free speech, copyright law, etc.). But we also love our silly cat pix and Brangelina updates. The web simultaneously gives me hope for the future of reasoned thought and dread that we’re headed towards non-stop screaming matches about the merits of USB cables and cat garments.

  2. great collection of top websites, must check it out, its cool n happening!!

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