Obama misrepresenting McCain’s comments part II

I understand completely Mr. Obama’s misrepresenting Mr. McCain’s “100 years in Iraq” comments.  When the core of your party hates George Bush and the war so much, you say things like this just to get people fired up and nobody on either side really cares if there is truth behind it or not.  While that goes against the image that Obama wants to portray, it is political pandering and who cares.

But to do such a thing again; comparing McCain to George Bush and this time on an issue (the economy) that you have proven so horribly inept and ignorant about is a little bit much for the candidate of hope and change.

According to Obama: “John McCain yesterday said that we are, that, that during George Bush’s tenure, the economy actually made great progress,” Obama said. “That’s his quote.”  This is supposed to be a criticism by the way (explain to me how if the economy is so bad, I get an email everyday from the Obama campaign asking for money and he is able to raise $50M a month; sounds like the Obama supporters are doing pretty well).

You have to love the “quote” for it is easy to find a transcript of McCain’s acutal “quote” from Bloomberg television:

Peter Cook: Do you think that when Americans are asked, “Are you better off today than before George Bush took office over seven years ago,” what will their answer be?

McCain: Certainly at this time we are in very challenging times. We all recognize that. Families are sitting around the kitchen table this evening and figuring out whether they’re going to be able to keep their home or not. They’re figuring out why it is that someone in their family or their neighbor has lost their job. There’s no doubt that we are in enormous difficulties. I think if you look at the overall record and millions of jobs having been created, et cetera, et cetera, you could make an argument that there’s been great progress economically over that period of time. But that’s no comfort. That’s no comfort to families now that are facing these tremendous economic challenges.

It is not necessarily the politics and the deception and the pandering and the lies from Obama that are annoying to me; afterall he is a politician in every way shape or form.  It is the constant communication that the American public is stupid and simple-minded and therefore, this particular politician can get up there and tell us what we are feeling, how we are feeling, and how to respond to what he says.  He is always having to explain, restate, and translate his meaning because we are too stupid to understand him.  Listen to him speak off the cuff and then come out the following day or week with an explanation and criticism of the interpretation.  He does it all the time and the inference is annoying.

My other great grievance is that the Obama supporters refuse to acknowledge that Mr. Obama is a politician just like all of the others.  He plays all of the games and says all of the things that every other weasel does.  Why is he allowed to get away with it? 


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