Interesting campaing supporters

Taking a look at data that the Federal Election Committee collects, it is very interesting to see the groups that support each candidate.  The Committee collects data based on a donor’s occupation or employer among other things.

Wall Street firms, long a symbol of American elite accomplishment, tilt decisively toward the Democrats. Employees in storied Wall Street institutions such as Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley have all favored the Democratic field by a large margin. Even both sides of the recent Bear Stearns/JP Morgan Chase deal choose Democratic candidates over Republicans by two-to-one margins.

Democrats also enjoy enormous fundraising advantages among well-educated professionals — lawyers, teachers, accountants, journalists and writers. They carry practitioners of the hard sciences, winning solidly among physicians ($8 million to $4 million), biologists, chemists, physicists, and plain old scientists. Republicans must settle for a slender advantage among rocket scientists.

Not surprisingly, universities offer Democrats a hotbed of support. Professors favor Democrats over Republicans by a nine-to-one margin ($3.7 million to $430,000). Their students, though presumably struggling with sky-high tuition bills, nevertheless sacrificed enough late-night pizza and chips to send $4.1 million to their professors’ favorite candidates and another $1.4 million to the GOP. The “objective” media — reporters, journalists, publishers and editors — also breaks heavily for the Democrats.

But no listed occupation gives the Democrats a greater edge than the unemployed. These presumably idle folks have dropped over $14.6 million into the laps of the Democrats. Their idle Republican neighbors, in contrast, have unburdened themselves of a mere $9,775.   Yes, you read that correctly!  The unemployed contribute $14.6 million to Democrats. 

Who is supporting Republicans?  Considering that the Democrats have been able to raise over $200 million this year, one might presume that nobody is.  However, the white-shirt/red-tie brigade of Republican presidential aspirants holds a nearly three-to-one edge among janitors, custodians, cleaners, sanitation workers, factory workers, truckers, bus drivers, barbers, security guards, and secretaries. While Democrats command the financial loyalty of architects, Republicans successfully woo contributions from the skilled craftsmen who turn their blueprints into reality — specifically, contractors, hardhats, plumbers, stonemasons, electricians, carpenters mechanics, and roofers. This trend extends to the saloons, where the Democrats carry the bartenders and the Republicans the waitresses. The GOP field even secures more financial support from teamsters, steelworkers, bricklayers, and autoworkers.

The Republican party is really struggling right now trying to sell their vision of limited government, lower taxes, and free markets to the elites who used to love them or their new, more populist constituent base.  I would argue that the GOP has lost its integrity in speaking about the conservative core of the country as they have not been true to the basic tenets that they once espoused.  Until a true leader can emerge that touts the strength of rugged individualism and the freedoms that are embedded in our Constitution, the GOP is in big trouble.


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  1. Chris Stout Says:

    Leading versus trailing indicators?

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