George Will on Russia vs. Georgia

George Will wrote an amazing column today about the Russia and Georgia situation (  Most pointed to me is the response from Obama and McCain.  To hear the Obama camp out of one end try to talk about how great Obama’s response was and how it helped the situation and out of the other say how McCain’s comments were “shot from the hip” and may have aggrevated the situation………….okay!
McCain looks really good and like an adult compared to the childish Obama and his campaign.

My favorite comment from the article speaks about approaching the UN Security Council to sanction a member that has a veto:

This crisis illustrates, redundantly, the paralysis of the United Nations regarding major powers, hence regarding major events, and the fictitiousness of the European Union regarding foreign policy. Does this disturb Obama’s serenity about the efficacy of diplomacy? Obama’s second statement about the crisis, in which he tardily acknowledged Russia’s invasion, underscored the folly of his first, which echoed the Bush administration’s initial evenhandedness. “Now,” said Obama, “is the time for Georgia and Russia to show restraint.”

John McCain, the “life is real, life is earnest” candidate, says he has looked into Putin’s eyes and seen “a K, a G and a B.” But McCain owes the thug thanks, as does America’s electorate. Putin has abruptly pulled the presidential campaign up from preoccupation with plumbing the shallows of John Edwards and wondering what “catharsis” is “owed” to disappointed Clintonites.

McCain, who has called upon Russia “to immediately and unconditionally . . . withdraw all forces from sovereign Georgian territory,” favors expelling Russia from the Group of Eight, and organizing a league of democracies to act where the United Nations is impotent, which is whenever the subject is important. But Georgia, whose desire for NATO membership had U.S. support, is not in NATO because some prospective members of McCain’s league of democracies, e.g., Germany, thought that starting membership talks with Georgia would complicate the project of propitiating Russia. NATO is scheduled to review the question of Georgia’s membership in December. Where now do Obama and McCain stand?


2 Responses to “George Will on Russia vs. Georgia”

  1. Every country has the right to protect its citizens and that is what russia is doing, all this hatred for russia has got to stop, god dam american propaganda.

  2. Russia carefully engineered this crisis. After 10 years of supporting the independence movement with financial and political cover, the idea that Russia was justified in giving citizenship to people in a different country is ridiculous. Maybe South Ossetia should not have been made a part of Georgia in the first place, but this stems from policies of the Old Soviet Union and not Georgia. Russia knew exactly what Georgia’s response would be to provocation from the separitist and had carefully waited for an opportunity to present itself to go in heavy handed and remove the upstart Georgian president. American propoganda has been tepid compared to the Russian side.

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