Soft power versus Russia

It seems that America is one of the last countries on earth that has any understanding or reaction at all to moral dilemnas.  We are a moral country and have proved so over our entire existence.  The silliness of the moral equivalency arguments that are being spewed in response to the Russia offensive among others is very troubling; especially given that it is the so-called “educated” from higher learning that seeks to condemn America and its goodness with the most vile dictators and countries on earth.

Some questions from a George Will column today ( regarding the presidential campaign and response to such conflicts:

McCain should ask Obama to join him in a town meeting on lessons from Russia’s aggression. Both candidates favor NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine, perhaps Vladimir Putin’s next victim.

But does Russia’s behavior cause Obama to rethink reliance on “soft power” — dialogue, disapproval, diplomacy, economic carrots and sticks — which Putin considers almost an oxymoron? Does Russia’s resort to military coercion, and its arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles, cause Obama to revise his resistance to missile defense?

Obama, unlike McCain, believes Russia belongs in the G-8. Does Obama think Russia should be admitted to the World Trade Organization? Does Obama consider Putin helpful with Iran? Does Obama accept the description of the G-8 as an organization of the largest “industrialized democracies”? Does he think China should be admitted?

McCain is hardly the change many people have been eagerly waiting for, but Putin is part of the change we must confront. Until Russian tanks rolled into Georgia, it seemed that not even the Democratic Party could lose this election. But it might if McCain can make it turn on the question of who is ornery enough to give Putin a convincing, deterring telephone call at 3 a.m.


One Response to “Soft power versus Russia”

  1. I see in the news that Russia is modernizing its missiles!

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